Thursday, November 01, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I talked about the difference between Goals and a Bucket List.  (you can read about that here)  I said I wanted to create an on line list of each so it would help me to be accountable and to actually work toward things on each of the lists.  So this is my goal list and a few of the ideas of how I plan to accomplish them.

Blog at least 3 times per week
                 OCT - didn't really manage it but did get about 2 posts per week
                 NOV - I really thought I had done better but once again it was only about 2 posts per week.
                 DEC - not so good had a few weeks where I did 2 posts but then the holiday just got to me.
Double my Etsy sales over last year
        - start listing jewelry and more sets and focals
        - be more active in social media
                  - Try to play in a blog hop each month
        - blog more
Have a cleaner neater house
        - organize
                  NOV - make sure the kitchen table is cleaned off every night(did pretty well was able
                  to eat on the table every morning at least.
                   DEC - ha lost the table again
Fill my bead trays by February
Loose weight
         - exercise more
         - eat less (these are kind of a no brainer)
Save more for retirement
          - make more
          - spend less
                  - use the supplies I have rather than buying more and different ones
Accomplish more in a day
          - waste less time
                  NOV - do not turn on the TV during breakfast and lunch (did really well with this only    
                  a  few bad days)
                   DEC - spent way too much time on the computer.
           - organize
           - plan
Learn to bead embroider
           - finish my button a month challenge
 Donate more to charity
           - Halos for Hope
                       - make 52 hats by next August
                             - OCT have 13 done
                             - NOV finished 11 for a total of 24
                             - DEC finished 3 for a total of 27
           - Art in the Bag
                        - OCT finished one bag for this year
           - Beads of Courage
           - Ears to You
                          - NOV sent 5 pair of earrings
Be published
           - find out how
           - make items
           - submit
Get my to do list down to one page
Lighten my load of physical stuff
            - try to go through one closet, drawer, or area a week
Take a real vacation every year if even just for a few days
Make more time to read
               NOV - 5 books
               DEC - 1 book and had trouble getting through it.

I plan to update the list and show my progress here as the months go by.

On another note Work table Wednesday was a busy one but I am working on something I can not show you until this weekend and the Ears to you Hop.

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