Monday, May 07, 2012

Free Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

 Wrap bracelets are all the rage right now.  You see them all over.  I have made a couple of different styles and I am sure this one is not an original design, it is just my way of making one.  It took a little playing around with the crochet to get just the thickness of cord I wanted.  Any way here goes.
 You will need a small crochet hook. This one is a size 3. Some kind of crochet thread, pearl cotton, or craft cord.  And a button or disc type bead to use as a closure.  I also needed a needle which I forgot to put in the photo. 
 Form a loop with your thread and make a chain stitch, leaving a nice long tail about 7 to 10 inches.
 Crochet a chain that is about 60 to 65 inches long.  If you want fewer wraps you just make this chain shorter.
 Crochet enough more chain stitches to make a loop that will fit over your button.  This loop needed to be 15 stitches long.  Slip stitch back into the foundation chain forming the loop.
 Slip stitch in each chain of the loop and then continue to slip stitch in each chain of the foundation chain back toward the beginning.  Before you go very far do check to make sure your loop fits your button nicely.  You do not want it too big.  It should just slide over nicely.  When you reach the end of your chain cut a nice long tail and pull both of the tails through the last loop.
If you are using a large hole bead as your button you will want to slide on a size 6 seed bead then take the tails through the hole of the bead.
 Put a size 8 bead on each tail then take the tails back down through the hole of the bead and the size 6 seed bead.
 Using your needle run the tails through the base chain one going each direction.  I then like to take one of the tails and go back through and do this all one more time.  I just like the look of three beads in the center rather than two.  I am sure two would hold it on there I just like three. 
 Take your two tails and tie them in a knot around your base chain a couple of times then work the tails back through the chain to hide them.  After going back a couple of inches I cut off the excess.
Now just wrap the crocheted chain around your wrist several times, put the loop around the bead and you are ready to show off your new bracelet.
 If you are using a shank type button you just need to take your tails through the shank and the base chain several times then tie the knots around the base chain and again work in the tails.
Now all you have to do is wrap the bracelet around your wrist and button it.  Ready to go.  This length could be used as a necklace as well.  Have fun make several they are fun to wear together.


Betsy said...

Tanya! That is super cute! You're so clever.

TanyaMcGuire said...

Thanks Betsy glad you like it.