Saturday, June 30, 2012

A new earring

 There is an artist on Etsy that makes crochet jewelry with these tiny little crochet circles.  The shop is called Lavender Field.  I have wanted for a while to try some of the tiny circles with my beads and
these cones and the circles just seemed to go together.  I believe there is a necklace in my future.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A new necklace.

 A few weeks ago when I was working to use up some gaffer glass that I had I made lots and lots of flowers.  These pale pale green ones with an iris blue edge kept yelling at me to make them into a necklace.
 So I just did what they told me and this is the result.  Of course I will have to make some earrings but while the flower beads are made I just haven't gotten to them yet.
I hope to have a couple more new flower pieces finished up for the Brookings Art Festival next month.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The week has just.........

.........been flying by.  It is already Thursday and I have hardly stopped to think.  I have been making beads every day and for some reason every time I go to make something some new piece of jewelry pops into my head and I have to make beads for it.  I know these don't look like much in this pile but there is three different necklaces here.  Unfortunately the large bright cones ended up being to big for the original plan and I had to make some more the size of the black ones today.  I am really excited to play with all of these and some of my new beads from the massive shopping trip to Bead and Button.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Aberdeen Art in the Park

 I changed my booth some last week just before Art in the Park in Aberdeen SD.
 I thought I would show you a little of what it looks like now.
 As always it is a work in progress.  I never seem to totally like the way it looks or the way it packs to get to a show.
On kind of a rotten note, a nasty wind and rain storm hit as we were packing up Sunday night and my tent got broken in the process of getting it down.  They have discontinued the design of my EZ-UP so they no longer have parts and I am going to have to get a new tent.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A new necklace.

 And one I am so so tempted to keep for myself.  I just love it.  I also know I would never wear it so I am taking it to Aberdeen SD this afternoon. 
 I am headed up there to do the Art in the Park show this weekend.  The weather seems to have decided to settle down and be nice for the show.  That always helps as this time of year it can really really rain on us.
So if you are in the area come out and see us.  My spot is in the back near the kids play area.  I think it's about booth 66.  Of course you know I could not make the necklace without making earrings to go with it.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I have been absent..........

 ................for more than a week.  Sorry but I was on the road again.  This time I went to shop.  My friend Jodie and I went to Bead and Button in Milwaukee.  I drove to Lincoln last Wednesday and then we went to WI on Thursday. Frankly it was a good thing I took a few pictures before I started shopping because after I did I totally forgot about the camera.
 This fancy red car was all blinged out in the hallway in front of the show.  I really think I should do this too my truck, but with gold instead of silver to match my stripes.
 Jodie actually took this picture for me because I am too short but man oh man look at that line.
This is the pile that three days of bead shopping makes.  Honestly it does not look like a lot here but my shoulders were killing me and we went back to our room at least once a day to unload our purchases.  It was really great fun. My head is full of all kinds of new bead and jewelry ideas.  And yes we are talking about going again next year.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Cleaning up my work table.....

 ...........sometimes leads to something else.  Friday that seemed to be the case.  These nice little bright spacers were headed for another project but this necklace is where they ended up.
 I think I really want to make another one in different colors.  Haven't really decided yet, and there surely needs to be earrings.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Yesterday afternoon.......... was gray pretty much the whole time about 5 there was a huge clap of thunder, and some rain, and then just like that it was gone.
 I had been working at the living room table most of the day and just was lucky enough to look out and see this amazing sight.  The pictures can not even come close to the colors that were in the sky, and I don't think I have ever seen both end of the rainbow on the ground.  I have to tell you that the trees in the back ground were behind the end of the rainbow because you could see colored haze in front of them.  It was truly a sight.
 As the rainbow was fading I turned and the sky was just a lovely blue so different from 30 minutes before.
 On the work front I spent the day trying to clean off the table and at the same time finish things up that I had started.  A couple of months ago my friend Jodie posted this great tutorial for making a pair of stick earrings. I made a pair that you can see here and they were honestly addictive. I wanted to make more.  I decided instead to try out the technique on a little bracelet.  So I finally finished that.............
..........and of course had to make a pair of earrings to go with.