Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well it is a good thing I got home when I did. I got very sick Sunday while in Minneapolis and they got a horrible snow storm so I did not even try to come home until Monday and then yesterday I slept all day so nothing got done really. Now we are getting more snow as if the 8 inches they got while I was away was not enough. I am guessing it will take a while to shovel a path out to the barn tomorrow when I hope to get back to work. Still had way too many things to catch up on today. Just hope the power holds we do not have that much wood left to make it three or four days with no heat. And I have not been home enough to be sure there is the right kind of food to cook on the wood stove although I usually can find something. Well I am off to deal with my sales taxes hope every one is warm.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Well I have been so busy trying to get ready to go tomorrow that this week has been a bust for new pictures. Maybe when I get back next week I can try out some of the cool new ideas I have in my head. Jodie and I were drawing on the table at Macaroni Grill the other night and I am sure some one wondered what in the world they had pictures of when we got done.

Any way I am off in the morning to Minneapolis MN for a bead show here is the link if you are in the area come and check it out and make sure to say hello.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hi! My friend Jodie who was at the Urbandale show with me has gotten home and even posted pictures. I am jealous of her because she got a full nights sleep. I on the other hand came home to a basement full of teenagers having an "Anti Cherry Prom Party" There were two video games set up down there, on one they were playing Dance Dance Revolution. And of course the stereo was at top volume with borrowed speakers. None of this was really a surprise but the fact that 8 of them were staying till daylight was. So around 2 I asked for less stereo and they just shut it off and played the games. I sent hubby to bed as he had been manning the making of pizzas and I made some brownies and burritos. I went to lay down around 4 and for the life of me could not get to sleep. I think I was beyond tired by then. I sent them all home around 8:30 and got busy with my day then went and had a nap around 9:30. My husband is now asleep in the bed and my kid has fallen asleep sitting in his chair in his room watching TV. I am thinking about another nap but have one more thing to do first.

Maybe I will be able to find a picture to share later but right now I would not have a clue where to look. :-) Have a great day and sure enjoyed seeing all of you that stopped by the show.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hi, I have been trying to get here all day but I have had a wicked headache since getting up and can not get rid of it so trying to get ready to leave for the bead show in Urbandale has been rough. Hope if you are in the area you come out to see us. My friend Jodie will be there too so say hi if you make it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hi I am getting ready to leave for the show in Urbandale, IA this weekend so this will be the last bead picture until next week I am afraid. I had to pack the lights up to get them all ready to go. I did make a few more of the rain drops today mostly because they are tiny and my arm can handle making them. This set has some of the streaky gaffer glass that I brought back with me from Tuscon last year about this time. I think it is almost gone but I liked how these turned out.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hi, Hope everyone is staying very nice and warm as it is sunny but very cold here in neverland. That is.......... never going to warm up land. I had to show you these new beads that came out of the kiln today though so I braved the snow and went to the studio for a while to work a bit and bring these in. They really are more the bead I was picturing in the middle of the night the other night. I may try some tomorrow that have drops on both sides. We will have to see. I think these look like colored rain drops. And they are pretty tiny. The droplet is almost as big as the bead holding it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Do you ever think up things in the middle of the night and think just how cool it that and then go and make it and you are just not sure you did it right? Well these new toggle like beads kind of took shape like that, I had the idea in my head for most of the night the other night and wanted to make a bracelet with them. With not being allowed to work as much as I have wanted it took a bit to get them done. Now I am not sure about the whole idea. I think I really like the whole asymmetrical thing with the bracelet and the slider beads. But am not sure the beads came out as rain dropy as I had in my head. What do you think?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hi! I get to go back to work a little at a time and so I thought I would show you a focal I made the other day when I was allowed an hour at the torch. Man has this been hard but after getting the shot Thursday my elbow has been so much better I just hope that it keeps improving. Thing is that now I have been off so long I have so many ideas that I can not concentrate on just one and it is making it hard to make a set I keep bouncing around. Maybe I can get back in the groove this week. Sure hope so.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Isn't this better than all that grumpy talk. This is a very old picture. I mean very old and it does date be but wouldn't it be cool to have those curtains now? My aunt who I posted some earrings for a week or so ago sent me this and yes one of them is me.
Hi again, My friend Mary who's bracelets I have shown you a couple of times has set herself up a blog. Here is the link but you will also see it in the link list to the right. Enjoy her work.
Did you ever know anyone who got grumpy when they did NOT get to go to work? I mean really is that not want a vacation is for? Well being told last week to take a few days off really did not make me happy but then this week the not getting to work but an hour or so a day is really making me grumpy. I get out to the studio and knowing I have just an hour and at that it is probably going to start hurting I have trouble coming up with something I want to work on. I am grumpy and I am tired of cleaning even if you can see the sewing room floor. Nobody but me cares anyway.

Okay enough complaining I am going to go work on a seed bead project so maybe tomorrow I have something to take a picture of.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Well I know this is not beads but I did not get to go to work today. I have a sick kid and then had an eye appointment but I thought I would show all the world that after living here for two years a person can finally see the sewing room floor. Something good had to come of not working for a week right? You can see that even after I vacuumed there are marks left in the carpet from the boxes squishing it. This room is by no way neat but it is sure better than it was.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Hi all, Thought I would show you the great big lentils that I made the other day before I got the word that I could not work. I really love how they came out and already have an idea for a necklace from one of them. I did get to work a little today the doctor said I could work for an hour and add a half hour each day as long as things don't get any worse again. I am however still wired to this little machine. Got to love technology.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Hi I thought you would all go into bead withdrawal if I just did not post for several days, but I have news. The doctor this morning told me I can't work for a bit hopefully not too long of a bit. I have tennis elbow and after threes weeks of seeing him it is not getting better so I do not get to work and I have to wear a TEMS unit. At least I think that is what they call this thing that is making these little electric impulses into my arm. Any ways beads next week and I will see what else I can find to take pictures of in the next few days.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another kind of pinks and some new river rocks and very shiny river rocks. I was playing with some cool reduction glass again. Hope you like them.