Friday, July 31, 2009

More Vacation Photos

As I said the flowers were every where and there were so many different ones and different colors. It is a good thing I was not using film as I would have had to pick and choose which pictures to take. Instead I went wild.
We saw moose three of the five days we were there and these were by far the youngest and smallest. Carole got some great pictures and one day they walked right past my truck in the picnic area.
The lakes were just amazing and they were every where like little puddles just filled with fish. Jeff and LeRoy went fishing one day and Jeff caught his limit so he was very happy.
I told you the roads were rough and sometimes they were full of mud and water. We had to cross two areas of water this time to get to the meadow where we saw the biggest moose I have ever seen. And there were four others with him. We saw no cows with their calf's the entire week.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Mountains

Well if you have wondered where I have been it is called vacation. After doing the show in Brookings we came home to get ready to head off to the Snowy mountains in Wyoming. We have friends that camp up there every summer and we went to spend time with them and see the sights.
One of the first things we saw when we got there were these tiny creatures. The hummingbirds were just having a grand time at Carole's feeder. They were there all week and just created a show when ever we stopped long enough to watch them. There were several kinds some of which were bullies, chasing the others from the feeder.
We also took several trail rides in the tiny Zuki that LeRoy runs around the mountain in. This is one of the places we went to see. At the bottom of the hill you can see the town or village that Jeff and I had a motel room in.
The road if you want to call it that on the left it the one we came up. If bouncing would just have jiggled off fat I would have been 50 pounds lighter after that day.
There were all kinds of flowers every where we went it was just amazing. And animals too I will have to show you some of them tomorrow.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Copper Cousins

Yesterday while working on the Northern Light Collection there were some beads that were just calling out to be done up the same way using copper wire. I just love how they came out and think that the bracelets would be just gorgeous worn together as a set.
And of course there needed to be earrings. We are off in a while to get the tent and things set up in Brookings. Do try to make the show it should be a lovely day tomorrow.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Northern Lights Collection

The newest of my jewelry collections for the summer is the Northern Lights Collection. I had a goal to make a new jewelry collection for each of my summer shows and the last show got two collections made and thought I was never going to get even one finished in time for this weekends show, but I did it.

The Northern Lights collection has fun new wire work and soft etched beads. I have always thought these beads almost glowed and truly the pictures do not do them justice. I used stainless steel wire on these which is new for me as I have always used silver but I did not want to chance tarnishing with these pieces so the stainless just seemed to be the ticket.
The bracelets were so much fun to make that I got carried away and made four of them. Of course I think they are prettiest if you wear two or more at a time any way.

And there always needs to be earrings. I made a pair to pretty much match each of the bracelets and of course the necklace has all the colors so any of them would go.

Hubby and I will be in Brookings SD this weekend for the Brookings Summer Arts Festival in Pioneer Park so if you are any where close come and see us I will be in booth 110. Saturday is supposed to be a lovely 77 degrees so I am sure it will be a great day to walk the festival.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Been way too busy!

Hi! We have been way too busy around here. After Aberdeen Art in the Park we had a huge garage sale to try to get rid of things and then over the holiday weekend we moved my son to Omaha NE. Of course it had to pour rain all the way there, at least it only rained on us while we were unpacking because shortly after we got done the pouring rain we had driven in caught up to us. Since last weekend I have been trying to get ready for the Brookings Summer Arts Festival and have been knitting a little.

This is a rug I have been knitting. My son asked why a cream colored rug but it is what the yarn I had was and it is the nastiest stiffest stuff I have ever seen it will make a nice shoe cleaner. I am using three strands of the yarn and it is kind of one of those projects I have been doing to use what I have rather than go buy new. However it sure wears out my hands working on it so I only get a few rows knit each time I sit down.