Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well I finally am back to posting. It has been so long I can not think of the things I want to say so I guess I will tell you what this is and run for now. I wanted to make a new journal cover so I started with a card front I have always liked and wanted to save and went from there. I like the way it came out and have been enjoying it.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hi I promised a bracelet earlier and here it is. This is from a pattern by Carol Rodgers who I met when I first started doing beads shows. She writes for a couple of different bead magazine's as well as writing books and traveling to do bead shows. I think the way too warm weather we have had here in Florida made me think spring. I am not really looking forward to that South Dakota weather when I get home next week.

Well today was a day for the zoo. It was warm almost hot most of the day, yet this evening it has turned rainy and chilly. Being warm this morning though made it nice for the zoo all the animals were out and we had a grand time. We road the train through the open areas first thing then walked all the sidewalks and went in all the exhibits. This made for one tired boy yet he made it to the restaurant to have lunch and ate like he had used all his reserve.
I finished up a bracelet last night and promise to get it on here either later tonight or tomorrow.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hi again, I have been very busy with all the shed cleaning and then my sister came in with her little one so we have been having a very busy time. Griffin is about 2 and a half and loves the park so he has gone most every day this was the first day and it was actually kind of rainy. Other than that day is has been warm almost too warm some of the time. Besides cleaning the yard and building doors we have cleaned the main part of the shed and today I worked on the laundry room. Have a bit more to do out there but ran out of steam. Also ran out of garbage can space but have a nice big pile for when it gets empty again.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Well here is a very bad picture of the doors I rebuilt today using whatever I could find to build them with. Had to have a few new bolts and one new hing as the old ones were rusted in half or worse. But it closes and keeps out the rain now even if it is not pretty. Thing is that now that my husband knows I can do stuff like this I am probably going to have some projects at home.