Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More new leaves.

I have been working on a new kit that involves these leaf sets.  I hope to have the kit done next month so I will have it for my spring shows.
In the mean time I have just been having a grand time playing with colors and fixing sets like these.
I did put several sets on Etsy for everyone else to have fun with.  Maybe they will insight a new design from someone else.

On another note it is a week until Christmas and I have not thought up a thing to get hubby other than new tires for his Jeep.  And new tires is like buying a new stove or something.  Oh well we did get a great new present this summer when we got the motor home.   I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season and are planning lots of fun times with family.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Some more limited edition spacers.

While I have been working hard in the studio every day sometimes I forget to show you what I have been doing.  These are some of the lovely colors of glass I have had just a rod or two of for a while.
I have made up batches of spacers with it in an attempt to clean up my studio and also lighten the load of my glass case.  (It is never going to all fit in the house on wheels.)
Some of these browns are such pretty colors and I am so tempted to hunt and find more of this glass but I have been holding myself in check.
This pretty blue mix is glass I got while in Tucson about 10 years ago.  It is hand pulled gaffer glass.