Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good morning this is one of those drive by posts and from the look of them some really awful pictures. I am rushing around getting ready to go to the Gathering. If you are not familiar with what that is it is the International Society of Glass Bead makers convention or conference what ever you want to call it. Then when I get back on Monday we head out for Florida to visit with family. So I thought I best tell you at least where I was going before I left for what will seem like forever.

These are some more small focal beads for bracelets .......
And this is some wire beads I have been playing with for a change of pace. Am thinking about doing a necklace with some of them and some lampwork for a fun kind of project. Oh well it will have to wait till I get back home I have enough projects already packed.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Well as always I did not drop off the face of the planet but it sure seems like it. I have been busy all week and the week before for that matter making beads for a couple of jewelry designers that called in special orders and I have just now finally gotten them both done. One was picked up this morning and the other will come out of the kiln tomorrow and get all boxed up. The show in Brookings was lots of fun. The weather was even kind of nice for a change it got hot Sunday but nothing like the triple digits from the past two years. I got to visit with lots of people and have fun.

I promise to try to find something fun to look at in the next couple of days even if I have to stand on my head. That however might freak too many people out so maybe I can find something different and bead related. Have a great night.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Just a few more things for my show this week. I have not made pendants from my long beads in a while so I made several.

I will be in Brookings, SD for their Summer Art Festival in the park. I have my spot already and will be in booth 110 so if you are in the area come out and visit. I have lots of new things to show. If you need a map or more info on how to get there here is their web site come say hello.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just a little of what I have been doing this week. Not much time on the computer but have been making beads to make jewelry for my next show.

Just a few more bracelets...........
And a few more lariat style necklaces.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Good Monday morning to everyone! Just a drive by this morning. I wanted to show off some of the small focal beads I have been making for bracelets and pendants. I have been making beads every day and yet there seem to be so few to take pictures of. Hmmmm wonder if the gremlins in my studio are eating them.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hi I have been working on making beads but have been taking some time each day to make a few buttons. These are special for a Trunk show I am going to be doing in Florida on August 4th at my friend Margie's Nylon and Lace store. It has been lots of fun playing with them.
The back of the buttons are all shanks like this so really they are little beads with a top. :-)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A little something to look at .................... the pair of earrings I finished last night. Funny but they were hard to photograph all the little dangle things wanted to each go their own way. Sounds like me.
Good Forth of July morning to everyone. I am so bad I go off to a show and for days afterward I am so brain dead and have so many boring little chores that I do not post a thing. I must work on that one for sure. Today I plan to finally make it to the barn to make a few beads. Of course I still have more lime green and black ones to make but maybe I will take time to play for a while with a few more drop free form beads I kind of like those. Any way you might check back later I will try very hard to find a picture of something fun to share.