Thursday, March 21, 2013

Revisiting Beads

 I ran out of little frog beads at the show in Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago and I had not made little fish beads in a very long while.  So...........
 ..............I thought I should make some of each.  And I have a couple of customers who have already spoken for several of these.  The little fish are so cute but their tail fins make them hard to photograph.  I need to make up some earrings out of both kinds of beads but that will have to wait until next week.
We are headed out before dawn in the morning in I guess about 2 inches of snow if the weatherman is right.  We have a show called the Art Glass and bead Show in Madison WI this weekend.  Click on the show name for a link if you are any where near for all the info.  It is a really nice show with a great variety of vendors and classes.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Mixed Media Cords

Last week just before (I mean just, as in Thursday when we were leaving Friday)  we left to go to the Twin Cities Bead Bazaar I made these mixed media cords. I had the idea Wednesday and just had to try it out and make them up.   I am using all of my fiber stash to make them.  There are sparkly metallic fibers from my stash of serger threads and lovely shiny satin fibers.  They feel just fantastic.

 I had to figure out packaging really fast, so I don't know if this is how they will stay but it works for now.  And they hung nicely on my rack with the necklace displayed below.

I also had to have a display and while this is not as fancy as I have in my head it does show how you can use the cording.  The cords seemed to go over pretty well I had to come home and make some more to take to my next show in Madison next weekend.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Customer Request

I had a customer request puppy dogs.  Sculpture is not really my thing so it has taken me a while to work these out.  I do finally like them.  Now to find out if she likes them.  Don't forget I will be at the Twin Cities Bead Bazaar this weekend make sure to check it out.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Work Table Wednesday

 Wow and it is Wednesday.  Sorry I have been absent.  I have been working though.  I had a request from a good customer for a row counter bracelet that had the copper feel and clasp.  So many of my beads go with copper because I love it so, but for more than a week I couldn't find my copper mojo.  I reverted back to turquoise and brown always a good combo and found a few.  One of which the customer liked and ordered.  The other three are headed off to Hopkins, MN with me on Friday for the Bead Bazaar.  The show is both Saturday and Sunday and is in a great open gym at the Eisenhower Community Center.  Check the link for more info and come visit me.
I also have been giving myself a day off every weekend we are home and last weekend was playing with paint.  I did some giant sheets of paper very much like this small piece that are for another project.  This was a postcard that I have already mailed.  I really had lots of fun making layers and layers of paint.