Thursday, March 21, 2013

Revisiting Beads

 I ran out of little frog beads at the show in Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago and I had not made little fish beads in a very long while.  So...........
 ..............I thought I should make some of each.  And I have a couple of customers who have already spoken for several of these.  The little fish are so cute but their tail fins make them hard to photograph.  I need to make up some earrings out of both kinds of beads but that will have to wait until next week.
We are headed out before dawn in the morning in I guess about 2 inches of snow if the weatherman is right.  We have a show called the Art Glass and bead Show in Madison WI this weekend.  Click on the show name for a link if you are any where near for all the info.  It is a really nice show with a great variety of vendors and classes.

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APG Jamie said...

WoW - purdy beads <3

and the zine is wonderful! TY