Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crochet Necklace

 This is the last new necklace for this week as we are headed out for The Tucson Bead Show tomorrow.  It is the first necklace in another new series, this one is called Necklace #1 in the Suessology series.  I just think it is not going to tell me a name other than Necklace #1.  Sometimes that is just the way it works.
These new disc beads make great buttons and I just love the texture.  Anyone that is going to be in Tucson next week please come by the Windmill Inn and say hello.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Necklace

 Well here is another new piece.  I have been working on the little crochet circles on this one for a while.  I love making them I just hate dealing with the ends. 
 The lampwork beads in this one are big about an inch in diameter so this makes a nice chunky necklace.
I have also gotten a nice pile of necklace boxes all painted and ready for the spring shows. I really like how they cam out and plan on doing some more when we get back from Tucson in another color family.  I need to find a deeper box as well because pieces like "Wilma Steps Out" are too big for this box. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Flower necklaces for spring.

 As always I had projects planned out long before they got made. This necklace has been planned since last fall and finally got finished last month. 
 I am at least ready for spring with a couple of new flower pieces.
 This is a fun one with a bright lime green and steel blue.  A color combo I want to play more with when we get back from Tucson I think some beads in this combo are in order.
 This second piece is in soft purples.  I am playing with a new background and am not sure I really like it with this piece.
 The background does however make for nice close ups.
This is one of my double layer flowers for the focal piece.

Monday, January 27, 2014

New Necklaces for the spring shows.

 I have started a new series called "Stone Age" and this is the first piece in the series called "Saber Tooth". 
 It changed as I put it together as often things do.  But it lays really nice and is a fun piece.
 This is the next piece in the series and it is called "Wilma Steps Out".  I have had the most fun making hollows this last few months.  I started last fall and I just can not seem to stop making them.
 The center front beads are a good inch and a half across if they are not closer to two inches. 
There are several shapes.and for some reason the lumpier they are the more I like them.  Of course I made earrings to go with both necklaces and will have some of the beads next week in Tucson.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Lots of news.

My oh my have I not done what I set out to do last fall and that was to make sure that I posted on here at least every week if not more often.  I have all kinds of news I have been meaning to share but I have been really really busy working hard.  I decided after my show in November in Minneapolis that I would see if I could get a space to vend in Tucson this year. I did and I will be at the Tucson Bead Show not only vending but teaching.  We leave next week and I have been working really hard to get ready.  I have three new kits I will be unveiling at the show.  So please if you are coming to Tucson make sure to come to the Windmill Inn and see me.  I will be in room #102.
In the midst of all my Tucson preparation I got a call from Chris at Creative Mode.  She is the promoter for the Art Glass and Bead Show in Madison WI in March and each year they choose an artist to make a bead for their challenge.  2014's artist is me yeah! I have been working extra hard to make all the beads.  I used almost all the red glass I had ordered in case she did choose this bead and I was terrified I would run out because reds are always different in each batch.

I have also been making lots of new jewelry and hope to get some pictures and do several posts this next week before we leave. I know there were lots of other things I wanted to tell you about but for some reason I have forgotten them all.  I will have to make a list.  Check back this week I do promise to be better about posting.