Monday, June 22, 2009

Aberdeen Art in the Park

We are home from the weekend in Aberdeen and I thought I would show you what my booth looked like. That is me being really lazy in the back waiting for the show to actually open as we got to the park early Saturday morning and I was resting before getting busy. It was a good thing that we got a few pictures Saturday because Sunday it rained all day. I wore my shorts and was so sorry I had not put on long pants. I was freezing, even my always too warm hubby had a piece of fabric over him. I spent most of the day wrapped in a sheet. Never knew I needed a coat in the middle of June.

Of course today it is back to being extremely hot and our air conditioner gave up the ghost last week. Luckily since the house has only gotten up to 85 the guys are here to put in the new unit as I write this.
The Citrus Collection was a total hit everyone seemed to notice it and made comments. I sold several pieces of it too which is always a good thing.
The Classic Movie Collection did not draw as many comments but people seemed to like it. I am not sure but I think it is more because the colors don't just reach out and grab you like the citrus colors.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Classic Movie Collection

I promised a sneak peak at the Classic Movie Collection today and here it is! Two charming charm bracelets. One full to over flowing with charms and one just a touch more on the dainty side.
And a charm pendent on a simple chain.

Now both collections and much of my other jewelry and beads will be on display this weekend at the Aberdeen, SD Art in the Park. So if you are any where close come out to Melgaard Park on the south side of Aberdeen and see the whole works. We will be there both Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Last of it!

Well now we had to have some earrings in this collection didn't we. I made several pair and the new earring cards that I have been making to go with the new table cloths really seem to match.

This piece ended up with a little blue in it so it is more like the Caribbean than Citrus but I like it any way.

And that is the last of the Citrus Collection but I have been working on another Collection that I plan to reveal the first pieces of tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Two Favorites

These are my two favorite pieces from the collection. The multi strand bracelet above lays so neat on your wrist I am just kicking myself that I did not buy a dozen of these clasps when I got this one. I think I only have one more and it is so perfect for this style of bracelet.
And this simple little flower bracelet has a band that almost looks like a vine.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Sunshine, sunshine where art thou sunshine. Another nasty day of all day rain and gray skies. Good thing I have these nice bright beads to cheer me up.
I decided I needed a necklace for those inclined to something smaller and more dainty even if it is as bright as the Cellini Spiral one.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Citrus Collection

I showed you the beads and I showed you the spirals but here is the necklace. It is just one of many pieces in my new Citrus Collection. For some reason this spring the three bright citrus colors have been talking to me. I guess because it was cold so long and the sun did not shine I just fell in love with these colors. Any way over the next few days I will show you all of the new pieces.
Cha! Cha! charm bracelet.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Art bag and glass day!

This is the new bag I have been knitting. I decided that I would use it for my donation to Art in the Bag this year but I am having so much fun knitting it that I am thinking about taking it to my upcoming shows and trying to sell it and donating the money as well as knitting another bag. See that way I have an excuse to knit two or more of them if I can sell them before the auction. I really like how easy the pattern is to work with once you get a section started you just knit the same two rows over and over and it works into this nifty little square. Plus this yarn I got is just gorgeous so earthy.
And today I got a whole box of new glass including this wonderful soft yellow that works up so well with some fall colored frit I have. I just love the combination and thought the yellow was all gone as it is an odd lot. But yeah! I found some.

Monday, June 01, 2009

I do still make beads!

Yes I do still make beads. I made some more of these for my collection the other day. These Citrus colors are for some jewelry pieces I have been making. They will go with the spirals from the other day.
And these are little bead caps made especially for the spirals. I will try to show you just how they are going to work in the next few days.