Monday, June 08, 2009

Art bag and glass day!

This is the new bag I have been knitting. I decided that I would use it for my donation to Art in the Bag this year but I am having so much fun knitting it that I am thinking about taking it to my upcoming shows and trying to sell it and donating the money as well as knitting another bag. See that way I have an excuse to knit two or more of them if I can sell them before the auction. I really like how easy the pattern is to work with once you get a section started you just knit the same two rows over and over and it works into this nifty little square. Plus this yarn I got is just gorgeous so earthy.
And today I got a whole box of new glass including this wonderful soft yellow that works up so well with some fall colored frit I have. I just love the combination and thought the yellow was all gone as it is an odd lot. But yeah! I found some.

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