Friday, July 31, 2009

More Vacation Photos

As I said the flowers were every where and there were so many different ones and different colors. It is a good thing I was not using film as I would have had to pick and choose which pictures to take. Instead I went wild.
We saw moose three of the five days we were there and these were by far the youngest and smallest. Carole got some great pictures and one day they walked right past my truck in the picnic area.
The lakes were just amazing and they were every where like little puddles just filled with fish. Jeff and LeRoy went fishing one day and Jeff caught his limit so he was very happy.
I told you the roads were rough and sometimes they were full of mud and water. We had to cross two areas of water this time to get to the meadow where we saw the biggest moose I have ever seen. And there were four others with him. We saw no cows with their calf's the entire week.

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Gorgeous! Great pics!