Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Been way too busy!

Hi! We have been way too busy around here. After Aberdeen Art in the Park we had a huge garage sale to try to get rid of things and then over the holiday weekend we moved my son to Omaha NE. Of course it had to pour rain all the way there, at least it only rained on us while we were unpacking because shortly after we got done the pouring rain we had driven in caught up to us. Since last weekend I have been trying to get ready for the Brookings Summer Arts Festival and have been knitting a little.

This is a rug I have been knitting. My son asked why a cream colored rug but it is what the yarn I had was and it is the nastiest stiffest stuff I have ever seen it will make a nice shoe cleaner. I am using three strands of the yarn and it is kind of one of those projects I have been doing to use what I have rather than go buy new. However it sure wears out my hands working on it so I only get a few rows knit each time I sit down.


Cindy said...

What is he doing in OMAHA?

TanyaMcGuire said...

Just Living there that is if he can ever find a job.