Monday, February 19, 2007

Hi! My friend Jodie who was at the Urbandale show with me has gotten home and even posted pictures. I am jealous of her because she got a full nights sleep. I on the other hand came home to a basement full of teenagers having an "Anti Cherry Prom Party" There were two video games set up down there, on one they were playing Dance Dance Revolution. And of course the stereo was at top volume with borrowed speakers. None of this was really a surprise but the fact that 8 of them were staying till daylight was. So around 2 I asked for less stereo and they just shut it off and played the games. I sent hubby to bed as he had been manning the making of pizzas and I made some brownies and burritos. I went to lay down around 4 and for the life of me could not get to sleep. I think I was beyond tired by then. I sent them all home around 8:30 and got busy with my day then went and had a nap around 9:30. My husband is now asleep in the bed and my kid has fallen asleep sitting in his chair in his room watching TV. I am thinking about another nap but have one more thing to do first.

Maybe I will be able to find a picture to share later but right now I would not have a clue where to look. :-) Have a great day and sure enjoyed seeing all of you that stopped by the show.

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