Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well it is a good thing I got home when I did. I got very sick Sunday while in Minneapolis and they got a horrible snow storm so I did not even try to come home until Monday and then yesterday I slept all day so nothing got done really. Now we are getting more snow as if the 8 inches they got while I was away was not enough. I am guessing it will take a while to shovel a path out to the barn tomorrow when I hope to get back to work. Still had way too many things to catch up on today. Just hope the power holds we do not have that much wood left to make it three or four days with no heat. And I have not been home enough to be sure there is the right kind of food to cook on the wood stove although I usually can find something. Well I am off to deal with my sales taxes hope every one is warm.


Jeanne Craine said...

Thursday, March 1---Happy Birthday to you Tanya!!!!! Jeanne

TanyaMcGuire said...

thank you Jeanne we are getting more of this lovely white stuff today. need to update my pictures.