Monday, June 18, 2012

Aberdeen Art in the Park

 I changed my booth some last week just before Art in the Park in Aberdeen SD.
 I thought I would show you a little of what it looks like now.
 As always it is a work in progress.  I never seem to totally like the way it looks or the way it packs to get to a show.
On kind of a rotten note, a nasty wind and rain storm hit as we were packing up Sunday night and my tent got broken in the process of getting it down.  They have discontinued the design of my EZ-UP so they no longer have parts and I am going to have to get a new tent.


Betsy said...

I like the burlap and long black drape. It really sets off the colors in the beads and jewelry. Bummer about your tent. : (
Hope all is well.

TanyaMcGuire said...

thanks Betsy I am really liking it too and you notice the jewelry and not the fabric. which is the reason I changed it. And Jeff thinks he might have been able to fix the tent. We are going to set it up in the wind this weekend to see if it will just last through the next two shows.