Thursday, June 14, 2012

I have been absent..........

 ................for more than a week.  Sorry but I was on the road again.  This time I went to shop.  My friend Jodie and I went to Bead and Button in Milwaukee.  I drove to Lincoln last Wednesday and then we went to WI on Thursday. Frankly it was a good thing I took a few pictures before I started shopping because after I did I totally forgot about the camera.
 This fancy red car was all blinged out in the hallway in front of the show.  I really think I should do this too my truck, but with gold instead of silver to match my stripes.
 Jodie actually took this picture for me because I am too short but man oh man look at that line.
This is the pile that three days of bead shopping makes.  Honestly it does not look like a lot here but my shoulders were killing me and we went back to our room at least once a day to unload our purchases.  It was really great fun. My head is full of all kinds of new bead and jewelry ideas.  And yes we are talking about going again next year.

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