Saturday, May 19, 2012

Continuing the Challenge

Way back in December my friend Jodie and I started a challenge to use up all the odds and ends of short pieces of rods we had laying around our studios.  Well I did really well going through one huge tray and several piles but I still have loads of places were I have odd rods and shorts of glass.  This jar is full of Gaffer Glass which is hand pulled glass made by another glass artist.  I actually bought several pounds of this glass way back when Jodie and I went to Tucson to the bead shows about 8 years ago.  I used a bunch of it when I first got it back to the studio but this has been sitting here since then.
This glass is a different COE than the glasses I normally use so I even had to buy some System 96 glass to go with it.  I have been trying to think of what I wanted to do to use this glass up since back in December and the other day I had a bolt of lightening hit and I knew that it would all make just gorgeous flowers.   So for several days this past week I have been making flowers.  They are all going to be limited edition colors because when this jar of glass is gone there is no getting any more of it.  I just love though the way some of the glass is all streaky, and some of it is kind of pearl like.
Most of the flowers are headed for Etsy in the next few days but I think I am going to keep these lime green ones to make a necklace out of.  I think this green and some denim blue seed beads it will be a knock out.

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