Friday, May 18, 2012

Fun New Hat

I think I have mentioned that I have been making hats for Halos of Hope.  It has been something I have been doing almost a year now.  They keep my hands busy when I am tired or having to ride in the car on long trips.  I have made all sorts of hats and have put lots of little flowers on them and done different patterns.  While we were at Stitches South in Atlanta I saw a book and I am really sorry that I didn't look closer because I have no idea who wrote it or really what it was about but I think it was about decorating socks.  (Honest I was rushing to see just a little of the show while on a very quick run to the restroom.) Any way something stuck in my head and this is what came out.  I really think that it is fun and have already started another one.  I do hope the kids will like them.

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