Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Junk Journal Adventure

Recently I saw something on line about a Smash Book and being the recluse I am here in the wilderness :-) I had no real clue what they were talking about so I started looking around the Internet.  Ha should have known an Art Journal with a fancy name, or a plane ole fashion scrap book.  I also found references to Junk Journals.  Ah Art Journals made from repurposed materials.  Since I have had it on my goals list to work more with the things I have and to be creative in ways other than beads I decided that I would just make myself a Junk Journal as an Inspiration Journal.  A place to put all those little pieces of things I had cut out of magazines and the colors that seem to be drawing me lately.  I started with a 2 year old catalog. (Why did I still have that I do not know)

 Then I got out a package of paper that my sister gave me probably 20 years ago and I just love all the pretty edges and never found just the right use for them. 
 On some of the pages I glued in some of the papers.  Just as backgrounds to start with.
On some of the pages I painted Gesso.  That was honestly really fun  and very relaxing.  I needed to cover the color and the type.  I have to actually add another coat of the Gesso when I want to paint on the page as things still show through.
 Some of the pages I am doing some water color backgrounds to start.  Frankly I have only even worked on the first section of the catalog so there will be lots of room for lots more playing around.
 On some of the pages I have started gluing in things I have clipped out of different books.  Just things I like that I want to work into the background for other ideas.  I did do an entire page of a collage that I used pieces where I had kept them because of the color combinations.  I really don't like it as the colors all blend together so they wont really inspire me for other things.  I will just use the page for a background and I have another idea for a way to put in my color combos where I will be able to use and see them better.
So while I have not finished a single page I have lots started and I have been having lots of fun the last few days.  I also found this really fun blog and she is having a great give a way. So if you are interested in Art Journals check out Gathering Up Bits of the World and sign up for her give a way.

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