Sunday, November 25, 2012


Last week I started a junk journal that I want to use as an inspiration journal and put all those things that inspire me in it.  But I was thinking about all the times I have tried to write a journal and have gotten a couple of months into it and just stopped.  Words aren't really something I am good at.  But I have always wanted to write about my days and thoughts.  I was on line again and ran into some info about Project Life and while I like the idea of recording every day events I don't like the plastic pages and preset size for things.  I decided I would try out an art journal type book.
I also found that using the catalog that was already bound was harder so my plan for this book is to use a standard page size and put it in a 3 ring binder.  I am still working on the Inspiration Journal and may see if I can take it apart to work on the pages and put it back together as I go.  These background pages were lots of fun to make I used whole page photos and  collage, then stitched them round and round with the sewing machine.  I was having a blast and lost two hours because I was so into what I was doing.  I also realized that I do not like the feel of the gesso after it dries so I have got to find some Gel Medium.  Once again something you can't buy in Huron.
I also keep finding little things in the junk mail that are just begging to be turned into an art journal.  This is a little advertising booklet from Hilton and it's envelope that I think will become part of a page where the envelope is there to hold it's own little book.  Just what I am going to put into it I am not sure yet. 

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