Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wow oh Wow Work table Wednesday

 Several of the people I follow on my blog reading list do a once a week, what is on my work table post.  I thought today since I haven't even seen my work table for a month I would show you mine.  Honest this is exactly how it has looked for over a month because that is how long I have been gone.  Before I left for Florida I was working in that tiny little 2 inch space right there in front of the chair.  Now if this were my only workspace in the house it would be okay, but no, every flat surface in the house looks like that.  Jeff calls me a pile-it.  And he has always sworn that when he gets his dream house all the furniture will be A-frame style so all the piles slide to the floor and he can scoop them up with a shovel. 
I did want to show you something I am working on though.  This will be another cuff style bracelet similar to this one here.

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Anonymous said...

Beauty from the chaos. Love it. :)