Saturday, October 06, 2012

New Jeans

 Those of you that know me know I wear jeans that my mother embroiders for me.  She has a big fancy Bernina machine and loves doing this.  Almost 2 years ago now she started this pair for me when I saw what the next door neighbor had digitized in the way of some new designs.
 Betty had made embroidery designs based on the Beatles album covers.  I went after a new pair of jeans just so mom could put these designs on a pair.  But here's the kicker. I wanted to put some crocheted flowers on the pants too and maybe some beads.  All this time later and I finally got that part done. 
I didn't put as many beads on them as I thought I would but then I think these will always be a work in progress.  I think they are another great group effort.

And today we went to see a new Bernina that not only sews, and embroiders, but also paints.  And it can paint on a plate.  Hmmmm...............think I have time to sew?

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