Friday, May 25, 2007

New things at last! I have been working hard all week but it seems kind of like I have been spinning my wheels. The afternoons seem to be disappearing with out much getting done. Oh well guess there have to be days like that. This is a new two strand necklace and earrings that I finished up last night and I really like it but my guys don't for some reason, probably because it is not symmetrical.
And these are some new huge lentils that while the technique is not new it has been a while since I played with it and I kind of got carried away and made all kind of colors. I think my favorite is the blue one but then the red .................. hmm............. I have another necklace started that I will try to get finished up and photographed for tomorrow.

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Mary said...


Well, if you were spinning your wheels--you shouldn't play with the necklace as you make it. : )