Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hi there I thought I had better check in or you would think I did not come back from Omaha. I did but had some fun trying to get here. For those of you that aren't in this area South Dakota and Nebraska got some wicked rain over the weekend. My son was flooded in on the farm where he has been working on a school project with friends, I could not get back home via my regular route because the interstate was flooded out, and my dear husband was at home dealing with some major leaking in my studio. I got home to find buckets full of water all over and the wet vac full where he had vacuumed up what he could. He had also covered my work table and concentrators with plastic just in case. In doing so he knocked over a container of frit and because he knows it is not cheep stuff he let it sit hoping there was some way to get it up off the floor and still use it. Any way it has been a long week and I am headed out again Saturday to Omaha for a class yeah glass fun. I did finish a bracelet today so hopefully tomorrow there will be some glass pictures but for now I am going to see if I can find a picture of the physics project. the three boys made a jet engine that while it did have problems it proved to function and have thrust. What will they think of next.

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