Thursday, May 03, 2007

A new kind of bracelet and a new bead. A friend asked me for a lady bug bead. (Same person who wanted tiny flowers. ) She got hers and I had to use one too. Thought the bracelet needed earrings too so I made some tiny little beads for them.
These etched beads are so hard to photograph but I wanted you to see it was not just a plain brown bead.

Oh so dainty they are........ I like how they turned out though.
Well that is enough for tonight I am off first thing in the morning for Omaha so no new pictures for a while. Hope everyone has a beady weekend.


Stephanie Haussler said...

They are all beautiful! Nice design, very elegant. I love the ladybug bracelet set, my sister in law would love that!

Mary said...

I really wanted to see the ladybug bracelet.

TanyaMcGuire said...

Thank you both the lady bug bead has been popular this last week I have sold several of them so now I need to make more.