Friday, March 30, 2007

Well I am off in just a bit for Omaha and the Bead Bazaar. I hope anyone that is close can come it is a very nice bead show with lots of talented artists. If you can't come I hope you at least get to spend part of your time this weekend beading. Here is a link to the show if you need it.

On another subject my summer show applications are finally starting to come back. Most of the summer shows are juried which means that when I apply I don't always know that I will get to do the show. I am very excited with a message yesterday that I got into the Grand Cities Art Festival in Grand Forks, North Dakota and it's sister city in Minnesota. Here is a link to that show if you want to go look.

Well I had best get a move on it is almost time to go. Have a great weekend.

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