Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well Hi again! I have been busy getting some more beads made. And cleaning the ones from yesterday. Maybe some pictures in the morning the sun is gone for now and the silly lights are still packed up. It took longer than normal to clean the beads as I had to preform CPR on my little Dremel. I have two Mini Mites and one of them is pretty old. I would just go buy a new one as this is the second time I have had to take it apart to the guts to get it to run again but the new model takes a different style of battery and I like having two just alike to switch out the good batteries when they get tired.

Any way I promised to tell you about last week. The big thing is that I spent most of the week trying to get some answers about my van and they finally late Thursday decided they will fix it but because it took them so long it will have to wait until I come back from Nebraska next week. I was so whinny and grumpy I just did not want to bore all of you with my junk. Sorry for not posting for so long though.

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