Wednesday, March 28, 2007

These just would not photograph. They are so sparkly and pretty in real life and they really just do nothing for me in the pictures. The are a new spin on an old idea of mine and they were so much fun yesterday that I really really want to make more. I am sure they will be a big hit.

These flower topped lentils are similar to one that I wear all the time. A friend really wanted it off my neck off the other night and she must have asked in a special way because other people have wanted it and I never tried to make more but I have made her a couple so she can choose.

These are the new spiky beads I have been working on. I have made lots of colors and the more of them I make the more ideas for jewelry I have using them. I have a plate full for the Omaha show this weekend then I am going to make a bunch just for me to use.

Well that was a lot of pictures for today but I had been trying to get them all photographed for the last couple of days.


Mary said...

I want the frog with the dragonfly.

TanyaMcGuire said...

LOL like I didn't already know that :-) course the other one has dragonflies on the back but I knew you would want this one it is really awsome.

tami and todd said...

How in the world do you make these? Would you mind letting me know, cause the are so fun! I saw the necklaces you do in 2006 & I just think they're fabulous!

TanyaMcGuire said...

Tami it is goldstone and copper foil. Goldstone is made from copper filings and it does that reflective thing all by it's self.