Friday, August 30, 2013

Sunny Sunflowers

 I do not know why but fall always makes me think of sunflowers.  I would think they are more of a summer flower as by now in the fields they are starting to dry them for seed.  The stores are full of mums not bright sunflowers, but fall and these flowers seem to go together in my mind.  So the other day I grabbed my favorite dark yellow glass and made a batch of sunflowers.
Now we all know that things like yarn and fabric have dye lots and you need to be aware of that when getting yarn for a project that you get enough of the same lot.  Well glass is very much the same and my favorite dark yellow comes in a different color each time I order it, I swear.  This time it has a very orange hint to it.  I am not sure you can see it in this photo but the ones on the right are yellow and the ones on the left are very much orange which is really pretty don't get me wrong but I wanted my lovely yellow. 

Glass has minerals in it to make the colors and since minerals might come from many different areas and the concentration of other things in those minerals might change so does the color of the glass.  So just because I order the same color does not mean I always get the same color.  I think sometimes that is the beauty of playing with glass and my attraction to it as a medium.

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