Saturday, January 07, 2012

January's Buttons

I finally finished my January buttons. The challenge was to make one bead embroidered button per month, I had such a hard time with my first one I decided I had better make a second one to see if I was just not able to grasp the whole thing. The one on the left is the first one and the right is my second.
Since Jodie showed the back of her button I had to show you mine. It seems great minds think alike. I was talking to her the other day when I was having such a bad time with the process and told her I did not like the looks of the back and was thinking about turning it into a pin. LOL she had already done that with hers.
This being the first one I had discussed with Jodie ahead of time and thought doing it on the form would be the best. That is the way she does it. Well let me tell you I was so not happy with how that worked. It took all day and I had mangled the end of my finger totally up.
The second button I did off the form and did remember to wrap my finger in a band aid. It only took a couple of hours and it went on the form just fine, which was my original concern. I did not break three needles like I did doing the other one either. I think I will get faster as I learn and the second one was fun to do. My eyes however say don't choose transparent iridized beads again I am about blind tonight.

Do make sure to check out Jodie's January buttons.

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