Monday, January 09, 2012

A couple months..........

............ago I was playing with some beads like these. I haven't decided for sure what they look like but I keep coming back to "The Cat in the Hat". They also kind of look like little layer cakes. Any way I was making some more last week and all of a sudden I knew they needed to go into one of these wrap bracelets.
So last night I finally got out all the supplies and made this one up. I really love the way they kind of look spiky but still have that wild "Cat in the Hat" feel. I really want to make a black and white one now.
Pardon the really pale and fat arm, but I had to show you what it looks like on.

On another note it is January 9th and this is our back yard. In all the years we have lived here never has it looked like this, this time of the year. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 57 degrees out and snow. Not sure how that is supposed to happen but that is what they are telling us.

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