Saturday, December 10, 2011


I think I finally have enough Alice's Garden beads for next weeks jewelry making challenge. I wanted one big wow necklace and I think I may have gone overboard. There are probably enough beads for a couple of big pieces, with some earrings and things to go with them.
I also etched some beads from the last challenge yesterday. Just a few that called out to me to have that soft matte look and feel. I just love the long one on the left.

I also etched some rings that I have been making and sitting back to be etched. I have some jewelry ideas for some of them, that kind of spin off from some of the pieces I did last year. We start our next challenge on Monday. We are going to be making jewelry out of all the beads we made this last week. I may just have to start tomorrow though because I can hardly wait to start on some of my ideas.

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