Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wire beads! Ouch!

I was making these wire beads all last week and boy did they make my fingers sore. But they were fun to make and I think will be fun to use. I might keep some out for sale at the next show we will see. I ran out of contrasting wire though so had to stop making them I guess my fingers are much happier.

I have also gotten back into adding to my Etsy store. Seems like I got lazy about that and had an empty store for the past couple of months. You can click on the links to the right to get to the store and look at all the new items.


Regina said...

I'm very impressed with the pile you've accumulated. No wonder your fingers are sore. (But they are a bit addictive to make, don't you think?)

Mary said...


You have been busy!

TanyaMcGuire said...

Very addictive cause I want to make more.