Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One of those Days!

Have you ever had one of those days where not much goes right. I am sure you have. Well the past two times I have gone to the studio to make beads it has been like pulling teeth. It is partly because I have specific things to get done for people. Special orders which means I have to think in a certain way on a given day. I usually go down there and just make what ever I feel like and when I have special things to get done I have to kind of work rather than going with the flow. Any way it took most of the day to get one order done because the beads were just not turning out the way I wanted them too.

I am sure the fact that it is only 5 degrees out and with the wind feels like -18 once again has nothing to do with the grumps I am having. We have gotten ice and snow the last two days so here it is March and feeling like January. I am really sick of winter and could use some spring right now.


Regina said...

I find special orders require special mental grace. And I'm always tougher on myself, too.
I hope tomorrow goes much better for you!

Betsy said...

I agree....the cold weather is making me grouchy! looking forward to seeing you at the BEad BAzaar!

TanyaMcGuire said...

Thanks guys sorry about the whining yesterday. Just needed to grouse I guess. Betsy can not wait to get to Omaha again either.