Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paint Paint Paint

The new studio is coming along. Had a delay today though as the floor was not really dry yet so I could not do the second coat. I really wanted to get that coat on but it will have to wait until tomorrow. We did open the closet door and put a fan in there to help get it dry. Part of the problem is the yucky gray cold wet weather we have been having and part of the problem is that we have to keep the doors closed to keep the cat from walking all over the wet paint.

Look at that row of electric outlets. A 30 amp circuit just for me. And I really like the creamy color on the walls and the rust on the floor can not wait to get my work benches in place and get back to work. We did have to cut one of my tables down a little but got that done Tuesday and will be bringing things into the basement at least on Saturday if they have to leave it in the other room till the floor dries.


grandmacarnes said...

Wow, that looks great! I'll be driving by your little town again on Nov. 26th. Going to get my son, then drive to see my duaghter. I'll wave when we go by!

sweetkelli said...

your studio is looking great!


TanyaMcGuire said...

Thanks guys I have been unpacking all day and trying to decide where to put things check back tomorrow will take pictures of it all moved in.