Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Finally all moved in.

Well I am finally all moved in or almost at least. There are still some things in the cupboards in the barn but I do not need those things to really get busy and work. We did have to change the floor plan after we started moving in the tables things seem much bigger when you get them in a small space. This is the view from the door.
The view from the back corner. I moved my old kiln inside too so I can work on bottle pendants in the evenings. I still will have to do the bottle cutting out in the barn because it makes way to much mess for in the house but I left that all set up and can go out and run the furnace for that short of a time.
This is my little cart that hubby and son rescued from a dumpster. Had not used it outside but it fits perfectly in this corner and rolls around so I can see all the little shelves. Great for my presses and frits.
And this is the glass cabinet. It was really the culprit of having to rearrange as it was deeper than I thought. All that glass took a really long time to pack and unpack. And if you notice up on top there are a few new colors I have no place to put.


Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

That is a fabulous glass cupboard! Did you guys make that? It is also gorgeous with all of your glass in it!

TanyaMcGuire said...

Thanks Stephanie, No it is an old kitchen cupboard.

Beadygirl Beads said...

OH well now I totally have space envy! :-) Actually I'm most envious of that electrical circuit! I would love it if I didn't have to blow a fuse every time the compressor was turned on in the garage! Where's the ventalation? Knowing you, it's there somewhere, I just can't see it!
LOVE the rescued frit cart thingy! Perfect! Maybe someday I will see it in person.

TanyaMcGuire said...

Ha Tera, The old studio in the barn was at least 6 times this big one of the reasons for moving was heating that big of a space. Ventilation is not in yet in these pictures the guys have to hang it from the ceiling so it is not quite done.