Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm Back.......................Scary isn't it!

It is funny but it is hard to get back into the groove and there were so many chores to do before I could really get back to making beads. The house is still a wreck but then it always is so no worries. At least I have made a few beads in the past few days. I also brought home a wicked cold which happens almost all the time when I fly and so many flights in such a short time just about did in my ears. Any way on to the eye candy. Have a good day! The bracelet I made while I was still in Florida I think I have had this set out to do since last November and I finally got it made up.
Some lady bug beads for the store in Huron.

And some tiny tot beads for a customer here in town. These are way smaller than you think from the picture. None of them are bigger than a quarter inch.


Stephanie Haussler said...

Love the top bracelet, what colors did you use in the weave?

Mary said...

I love the bracelet. The colors are fantastic.

TanyaMcGuire said...

Thanks guys the beads are a mix Stephanie from glass Garden and the gold ones are something that was in my stash.