Monday, November 18, 2013

We are back from Minneapolis.

We got in from the Twin Cities show a little after 1 am last night.  The weather was kind of yucky out all weekend but it was so nice to us driving home I have to say a big thank you.  This time of year as we all know roads can get pretty nasty and we had nice dry ones all the way home.  The new leaves I showed you last week were a big hit so I get to go have some fun tomorrow and make some more.  That is after I finish a couple of special orders.  These sparkly little guys were also a big hit and I have very few of them left so I will have to make some more before I can list them on Etsy.
I have made these beads with Goldstone in them before but had made none in a long while.  A customer wanted a few with the fun teal center so after getting hers made I had great fun playing with more colors.  These are pretty big beads as you can see and I just love all the glitz.  Goldstone is actually copper filings suspended in glass if you are not familiar with the term.
Since I was playing I just had to make a few lentils with sparkles as well.

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