Monday, October 21, 2013

Hollow Beads

 A few weeks ago while at Sidewalk Arts Festival in Sioux Falls, SD I got to see a fellow artist who's name has totally gone from my brain cells.  I knew who it was when I was talking to her but I have been trying to find it for a week.  (If you see this dear you know who you are please send me a message.) Any way to get back to what I wanted to say was she had on the most beautiful necklace of etched hollow beads she had made.  It made me think that I had not made any hollow beads for a very long time and I wanted to play around with some.  Well the first day went very nicely.  They are different sizes but all look fairly round and weighted pretty well.
 The second day did not go so well.  Things got a little wonky and just did not really shape up.
 Some of the second days were very wonky.  One I made into a monster bead and the other I think will need to have dangles come out of it's mouth.
 The third day went so much better that I really wonder what happened on the second day.  I am loving the bright colors.
 A couple of day three's beads are big very big.
But after all three days I like this funky wonky bead the best.  I know I am supposed to make the beads round and even but something about this bead begs to be copied. Like it's wonky shape is what makes it so much fun.  Now to see if I can every do it again.  I know I will be working on my hollows more though as I did not realize just how out of practice I am.


Shirley Moore said...

Nope, I'm with you, I love the wonky shape of that last bead! The vibrant colors are stunning! Great job!!

Tanya McGuire said...

Shirley thank you. I just have to find time to make an entire string of them.