Monday, October 07, 2013

Free Tutorial on using a disc or flower bead.

So often, when we have a disc or flower lampwork bead we want them to hang where they face the front.  This tutorial is just a little trick to make them hang better and stay facing front and not flipping.
 You will need a lampwork disc bead, a headpin, 2 daisy spacers, wire cutters, and round nose pliers.  I also use a little dot of E6000 glue and a couple of size 11 seed beads.  These two things are not necessary but to me it makes a nicer finished product.
Take the head pin and put on one daisy spacer, (about 2 size 11 seed beads), the lampwork disc bead, and the second daisy spacer.  The seed beads just help to stabilize the head pin inside of the hole of the lampwork bead so you do not want any more than just fill that space.

 If you wish to use the dab of glue (E6000) that I like to use, it is placed just behind the back daisy spacer.  You want to use just a tiny amount and let it dry before going on.

 Once the glue has set, you take your round nose pliers and grip the headpin about 3/8 of and inch above the back of the daisy spacer.  I don't really measure this any more because I use the width of my fingernail.  You will want to make sure that the measurement is very close to the same if you are making earrings.
 You want to bend the head pin at a right angle.
 You are then going to make a loop.
 And wrap that loop.
 What you now have is a wrapped loop that is about 3/8 of an inch above the back of your bead.  I know this sounds like a simple thing but it is important that your loop is made and the excess wire has been clipped before going on.
 The next step is to bend the wire right at the daisy spacer making a right angle.  Or making the wire now parallel to the disc bead.  *** The biggest tip about this whole process is to make the loop and then bend the wire.  If you try to bend the wire first you can not get the wire wrapped around itself because you run into the bead. ***
 You are now ready to add ear wires if you are making earrings.
 If you want to make a pendant you will want to add a large ring into the the loop before you finish wrapping it.
 There you have it disc or flower beads used for earrings and pendants.


Marti C. said...

Great tip, thanks for sharing!

Tanya McGuire said...

You are very welcome Marti.

ArtQueenClaire said...

This is really great. Would it somehow work for a Czech glass button, or do you have a tip for making those face forward?

Tanya McGuire said...

Claire if it was a button with holes I think it would work pretty much the same. If it was a shank button I would have to think about that one.