Monday, January 07, 2013

Fear or Fearless

Sorry for the absence, I guess my goal of blogging at least three times a week was really a miss for December.  I of course was sick for Christmas, however we still went and had a grand time with Brandon.  We played cards and Risk and just hung out.  The weather co-operated and we had sun and dry roads both going down and coming back.  Even sick I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. 
Since then though I have sort of been hunkered down trying to work through some stuff for the coming year.  I have been really trying to plan and think about how I want things to go.  I am not the best at thinking about things.  I have been making beads for 10 or 11 years now without really having a plan on where I want my business or my art to go.  I have been working on setting goals for the last couple of months, but you really need to know what you want in the first place before making a plan to get it. 

All that being said I have been following Kristal Norton's blog after finding her one day when I was looking at things about Art Journaling.  She has started something new called Fearless Fridays and I have decided to try to work along with her.  She plans to give prompts each week to get us all to find and confront our fears.  I honestly didn't think I was fearful until I read the post and started thinking it through.  Granted I have fears like being horridly afraid of heights but I have always tried to face them and work through them.  (When I was younger I went repelling and rock climbing knowing it would take everything I had to step off the edge of a cliff.)  I really need to figure out what it is that I do have fears about so that I move forward instead of standing still. 

I have been making beads during all this and promise to show you some soon, very soon.

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Kristen said...

I will look forward to hearing how you get over your fears!!!