Thursday, June 09, 2011

We were away............ very hot and sticky Florida. We were so lucky in that my son took off from work to go with us to see his grandparents for part of the time then flew back home to get back to trying to make a living. Poor kid lost a wheel off his truck on the expressway on Mother's Day and had to go home to buy a new truck because dropping onto the pavement at 70 miles an hour does things to brake drums I had never seen before.

He is sitting with my parents the day before he flew back home and I don't think any of them were really happy he had to go.

This is three generations of McGuire's. Brandon's hair looks as sparse as the other two. He has taken to buzzing it the same length as his beard. So different from a couple years ago when it was shoulder length and had to be straightened every morning.

We had lots of chores to do while we were there as well as seeing family and friends. One of them was to teach my mom how to use the computer. She has never ever used one before so simple things like double clicking was a new skill. Now she is sending email almost every day.

When we got home the yard all 2 acres of it was more than knee high and took most of last week to mow because it was so high the mower would not cut it I had to do lots of it three times or more and the piles of grass were even getting stuck in the poor blades.

Well I had best get busy if any beads are going to get made today.

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