Friday, August 06, 2010

More from New York

No mom don't hang me from there!!!!!!!!! These are the tools that built the amazing sculpture that took a man a life time to build. He used only hand tools and a jeep to move the stones around.
The place is called Opus 40 and if you click you will be able to read more about it. We went one day while visiting my sister and it took the GPS to not only find it out in the woods but to get back out of there as well.
The whole thing is enormous and amazing and you stand in awe that one man could build all this with his bare hands. And that he could even envision the whole of it all.
The only stone that did not come from the quarry on his piece of land was the monolith.

They let you climb and walk all over the property but on rainy days they will let no one in because the rocks are so slick and that is better than a story drop in front of Jeff.
We had a beautiful day though and while hot is was not that bad because the breeze was blowing and the shade was cool. It was just amazing is all I can tell you.

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