Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Jeans ?

Well the jeans are not new but all the embroidery is. While we were at my mom's she said she would embroider some jeans for me and she had so much fun with this first pair that we cut open a second pair and she did those too.
The first pair has this great flower design all over them. All the flowers are a variation of the same color theme. They are yellow, orange, and blue. Some of the orange is really rusty and some of the blue is very turquoise.
The second pair we did is all the colors of the rainbow and more. And the design is fireworks. Great for July and just in time for summer.
The whole thing was a family affair as my dad took the seams out so we could get them flat to embroider and mom did the embroidery and I sewed the seam back up. Mom said the only problem was I would not let her do the third pair of jeans I had brought with me as I thought I needed a pair that was a little less identifiable in case I have to wear them more than one day at a time.


Pixybug Designs said...

Great Designs! You'd pay a fortune for those in the store!

Charlene said...

Wonderful job!! Flower and rainbow both designs are looking great on those jeans...