Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well we have been home a few days now. Jeff has gone back to work and I should have but yesterday the air conditioner decided not to work. Of course it had to be a record high of 98 degrees when it gave out but I had to spend the day waiting for the repair guy. I just can not hear anyone when I am in the studio the music can even be off and I do not here the door.

So I decided to finish the knitting project that I started while in Florida. My socks. My son and husband think I should just go buy socks and if you looked at these closely you would know why but I am pretty proud of myself as this is the first time I have ever knit from a pattern or knit ribbing or knit in a circle with 4 needles. They are a little loose but that is how the pattern had them and they do not have a heel as they are tube socks but the next pair will be fancier and do realize that nothing will look good on those fat legs of mine.

I have lots more Florida pictures to show you but since the air is working again I am going to the basement to try to finish the ironing I have been working on for three days. I should not leave it for three months at a time and it would not take so long to finish.


Jodie said...

Love the socks--but the picture kind of makes it look like the rest of you might be crushed under a house from Kansas--you know?

TanyaMcGuire said...

Too funny and yes you are so right. Oh well how else would one take a picture of socks. They are the right fun colors for a house from Kansas too. :-)