Sunday, April 22, 2007

No the world is not flat and I did not fall off, but it seems that after a weekend of driving like last weekend it takes me longer to recover and get back into the swing of things than it used too. I was tired all week and just did not get things done as fast as I would have liked. But I do have a few pictures for you to see today and I might just have a few more tomorrow. It all depends on the kiln fairies and weather they liked my ideas from yesterday or not.
These little flowers were a request from a customer. She really could not decide on one set of colors so I have just been making them with what ever colors I am working with at the time. They are really tiny, about the size of a dime. Way smaller than my other flowers.
The old standard of lime green and black in a few of the new swirly beads I have been doing some two color disks and others. I have to make a charm bracelet in these colors so I made those beads and a few extras to make a pendent and maybe a set.

And last but not least the crayon colors for another charm bracelet. These are such happy colors and there are a bunch of them so I hope I get a set or two as well as the bracelet. I think I will.


Mary said...

Nice, Tanya. I can't imagine making the flowers that small. Wow!

Stephanie Haussler said...

Beautiful colors! Love the little flowers, and the green and black. The crayon colors are an apt description!

TanyaMcGuire said...

Thanks guys the flowers are tiny Mary and I did not really want to do them but they are really kind of fun. Stephanie my son says it looks like a box of crayons exploded. I just think they look so fun and happy.

Diane said...

OH MY GOSH Tanya!!! I love the flowers! I can't wait to get my hands on them! And some of the crayon colored beads too! I knew if anyone could do it you could!