Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Discs to go with my Prehistoric Series of Beads

Last year in January I started on a series of beads I called Prehistoric and I even got a couple of necklaces made with the pieces You can find Wilma Steps Out and Saber Tooth here.  I got that far with the series and things happened and as you know I was gone a lot so nothing further got done with the series.  It is January again and I am back to working on these beads and had to have some discs.  This first batch I am going to call River Stones and they are thick and and have that yummy shape that happens when you have water wash over a stone for years. 
Next up are some lovely Barnacle covered discs. I really like their bumpy edges.
And lastly for today we have a batch of simple one color discs.  All three styles are of course etched because Prehistoric just makes me think of the soft earth feel of etched glass.

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